Nevada Registration Fees Explained

Each year it happens whether we like it or not, registration fees must be paid to the Nevada DMV. Each state has different fees when it comes to automobile registration and Nevada’s fees are on the higher end of the spectrum. While the actual registration fee is $33, government taxes can add a significant amount to that number.

The basics:

Nevada registration fees are based on 35% of the original MSRP.  Essentially that ridiculously high sticker price on a new car.  Let’s take a 2022 Honda Accord with an MSRP of $38K.  Since 35% of $38K is $13,300 the DMV will use that number to calculate registration fees. 

Governmental Services Tax is 4 cents on each $1 & Supplemental Governmental Services Tax 1 cent on each $1 which are added to the registration fees. 

$13,300 x .04 = $532    &.    $13,300 x .01 = $133.     The two taxes together are $665

The good news is that each year the MSRP value is depreciated which means the annual registration fees go down. Specialty and vanity plates have additional fees.  The above example is for illustration purposes only and actual fees may vary.  

If you have any questions about registration or license plate fees please give us a call @ 702-368-2727 or head over to the Live Chat.

 ASAP services provides Nevada DMV Services specializing in Titling and Auto registration. 

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