Smog Checks

The Nevada DMV requires, in certain counties, that a vehicle be smogged each year prior to renewing registration.

You will be mailed renewal notice which lets you know if an emissions test is required. Emission inspections stations in Nevada are privately owned and decentralized.

If you have classic vehicle plates issued by the Nevada DMV a smog check is not required. Several other conditions exist where smog checks are not required. ,

Exempt Vehicles

The following vehicles are exempt from emission testing:

  • New motor vehicles on their first three registrations.
  • New hybrid-electric vehicles for the first five model years.
  • 1967 or older.
  • Motorcycle or moped.
  • Vehicles based in remote areas of Clark and Washoe counties and all other Nevada counties
  • Alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Diesel vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 14,001 pounds or greater.
  • Transfer of ownership/registration if the last test was conducted within 90 days before the transfer (180 days on a Nevada dealer sale).
  • Transfer of ownership/registration between husband and wife.
  • Transfer of ownership/registration between companies whose principal business is leasing vehicles if there is no change in the lessee or operator of the vehicle.
  • Vehicles registered as a Classic Rod, Classic Vehicle or Old Timer and driven 5,000 miles or less per year. The owner must file an odometer affidavit each year.
  • Vehicles registered as a Replica Vehicle.
  • Fleet vehicles participating in the Continuous Monitoring program.

Unsure if you need a smog check or where to get one. Please give us a call @ 702-368-2727 and one of our agents would be happy to assist you. 

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