Nevada DMV Moving Permit


Summertime is almost here and with that comes an increase in vehicles driving around without plates. What the correlation is between the two who knows? If you look around it’s fairly easy to see that phantom plates tend to tick up after May. 

A vehicle needs to have current registration In order to drive legally on any road in Nevada. Sometimes, it’s not possible to have current registration for various reasons. 

Autos needing repairs are the main reason we see customers come into Las Vegas DMV services providers. Moving permits are a great way to meet the legal requirement while a vehicle is being repaired and cannot pass smog. Moving permits are traditionally only good for 30 days and you can only apply for one 3 consecutive times. After the 3rd time the DMV starts to charge you $8.25 per day. 

If you are unable to obtain current registration and need a moving permit from the Nevada DMV ASAP please give us a call, come by, or make an appointment today. 

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